When I first got my Nikon camera I couldn’t wait to get out and take pictures of wildlife. Some of my first pictures that were taken were of ducks here on the farm



This photo of a mallard duck taking off of  a small pond here on the farm was one of my first shots.  I still love this photo.  Even though it wasn’t a very up close shot, the trees on the bottom of the photo make the mallard seem all the more real.  I crawled through a field of tall grass about 200 yards from a near by road hoping to get close enough to get some great shots.


068519_1c876f0456794578beaeaa5a99e245a5 After I crawled the distance the ducks seen me and took flight.

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Most photographers shoot in the raw.  In this shot I was shooting in scene mode. When you shoot in the raw there is so much you have to do to your photos.  When uploading you have to upload  into a photo program. The files are basically unprocessed. Being an amateur photographer, I don’t feel that I am ready to shoot in the raw yet and spend that amount of time adjusting and fixing my photos.  I feel like I am improving each time I shoot and maybe someday when I have mastered my camera I will turn to shooting in the raw.


Photographing wildlife can be difficult but there are many rewards.  So go out and have fun with a camera  but don’t forget to put the camera down every now and then to enjoy the world around you. Even though the world around me has been magnetized by my camera and some amazing photography, nothing can replace true nature.







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