Usually a few ducks stay on a little pond behind my house most of the winter.  When I woke up on a Saturday morning one day last February,  I just happened to notice that there were two larger ducks on the pond.  With my binoculars I could see that they were mallards.  A drake and a hen were swimming around diving under the water for breakfast.  I ran and got my camera and tried to sneak down to the pond and take a few pictures.  Mallards are are very cautious and scare very easily especially the males. If they sense any danger they leave the water very fast and it is very hard to get a good shot.  He sensed that I was there watching and they both took off.  I watched them land on the next pond down the gravel road behind my house on the adjoining farm.  I decided to wait for a little while and then sneak down up and over the bank of the pond and try again.


When I got there and crawled up and over the bank of the pond this is what I saw.  She was just beautiful. The drake was hid and I couldn’t see him at first but he was also a beauty.


I stayed at the little pond hid for three hours waiting for them to move around and I got a few great shots.  Patience is the key in wildlife photography.  If you don’t have it you will never be any good at it.



This photo would have been so much better if it had more of a bokeh effect.  The duck would have shown up more nicely.  When these ducks decide to fly you have to be ready to capture the moment and you have to be very fast.  I never truly know if the photo is decent until I get it up loaded to my computer and it’s just like Christmas.  You never know what you have got until you open it.



Happy shooting!


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