Dolly is an orphaned calf that came to us from the neighboring farm.  She has to have milk twice a day which is mixed and fed to her in a bottle.  Dolly also gets a little grain every afternoon.

Dolly loves her milk and she is always waiting for us to show up with the bottle.  You can see her watching for us always about the same time twice a day in the morning around 7 am or around 6 pm in the afternoon.  If you are late to feed her she will let you know.  You can hear her bawling wanting you to come and feed her.


If you have noticed Dolly’s ears you can see that there is something strange about them.  Last winter she was born on a very cold day and her mother didn’t get her dried off when she was born. Mother cows lick their new born calves to dry them off right after they are born.


Dolly’s ears were wet and they were frost bitten and the ends have died and shrunk up. This sometimes happens to baby calves when they are born in very cold weather.  It just makes her a little more special.




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