They say if you don’t like the weather here in Arkansas today,  just stay a few days and it will change.  I has been very hot the last few weeks and the cattle here on the farm are also feeling the heat.  Cattle need more water during the hot months of summer just like humans do.   They spend less time grazing and more time drinking and cooling off.


To cool off, the cattle love to get in the pond and stand for a while.  The water feels really great and they can get a big long drinks of water.


DSC_0745Some even take a swim to cool off.



A male  Ebony Jewelwing watches for intruders. They usually defend a small body of water. The female Ebony Jewelwing has white spots on their wings.


This male White Tail Skimmer sets on a twig enjoying the day.   The male has a white body while the female has a dark brown body.DSC_0936-2

The Great Blue Skimmer is very common here on Arkansas ponds.  They can be seen around slow moving water sources. Males have a brilliant blue color while the females are pale blue or brown.  Great Blue Skimmers help control insects such as mosquitoes.


One of the big Hereford bulls enjoying the pond.


The cattle loves the tender grass around the ponds edge.



Bull frogs and dragon flies were also enjoying the pond haven.  This big boy just set there and never moved. He was a really big bull frog. Bullfrogs are typically green or gray-brown with brown spots and make a very deep load sound.  I have heard this one many times in the late afternoon just before dark.  I really love to hear him.  It reminds me of when I was a child at my grandparents house.  You could always here them croaking before dark.




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