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I have been trying for a long time to get a decent photo of one of the many Great Blue Heron here on the farm. These birds are so wild that you have to have a really good zoom lens to even get a good shot.  I was pretty happy with these.  I hope you enjoy.

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The Great Blue Heron is the most widespread Heron in the United States. Not a very pretty bird with shaggy feathers.


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They have long legs, wings, body and neck with a bill made for catching fish , frogs and other small animals from ponds, rivers and lakes.


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They normally stab their prey with their sharp bill and swallow their meal whole.


The Great Blue Heron.  One of the many wild birds protected by state and federal laws.  However there are ways to protect your ponds and fish from these birds.  Read about the many suggestions here.  (IN.GOV.com)


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