Trumpeter Swan Photographed by Leah J Edwards

Every year Trumpeter Swans come down from the north to winter here in Arkansas.  I always get a joy out of seeing the first swan when it shows up here on the farm.  If you have never seen a Trumpeter Swan I suggest it a must do and see for your bucket list.

swan asleep

These birds are the most beautiful animals that god has ever created.  It is always like a gift to me when I get to see these birds and photograph them.  Photography doesn’t do these birds justice. You cannot imagine what they look like until you actually see these swans up close and in person.  Here on the farm I see a few trumpeter swans each year.  They will stay a few days as if resting before moving on south.  The pair in the photos were an exception.  Staying about four weeks on a small pond here on the farm.  I would sneak down behind the banks and slide up to the top and watch them very quietly so they would not fly.


I happen to notice that one of the birds had a hurt leg and it kept it tucked up under its side up out of the water.  One day they were on the side of the pond out of the water and I noticed that she could not walk on it.   I don’t know if this was the reason they stayed around the area so long but it may have had something to do with it.  I sure will miss these two when it comes time for them to move on.  I have really enjoyed seeing them everyday now for weeks.


If you live in Arkansas or just visiting the state for a short period of time and would like to see these beautiful swans,  its a must for you to go to lake Magness in Heber Springs Arkansas.  This small 30-acre oxbow lake off the Little Red River has become famous as being the wintering home for Trumpeter Swans. To view the swans, drive east on Arkansas 110 from its intersection with Arkansas 5 and 25 just east of Heber Springs. Go 3.9 miles from the intersection to Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, marked with a white sign. Turn left on paved Hays Road; the road sign is very small. Magness Lake is about a half-mile down Hays Road.  The trumpeters traditionally come around mid-November and stay until late February.Arkansas.com

Trumpet Swans on the big pond on the farm



Lake Magness Heber Springs Arkansas

Trumpeter Swans taking flight into the sunset. Photographed by Leah J Edwards

Happy shooting!


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