This year the fall calf crop is starting out great with due to a few new Hereford bulls here on the farm.  We have been working hard this year to get the baldies started on the farm and the results are some beautiful calves.

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With an introduction of a few new Hereford bulls this year with better blood lines the calves are improving.DSC_0237.jpg
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Hereford cattle originated from England in 1817 and continue to be over 50 million world wide.


The easy going personalty of the Hereford can be one of their best traits.  Gentle and calm, the Hereford breed can easily be worked, handled, and  moved from pasture to pasture.

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You will also find Black Angus on the farm as pictured above, along with Charolais, as and Red Angus as pictured below.



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Beautiful calves is what it is all about.  🙂


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