There is nothing like going out into the woods and enjoying nature. While setting in a deer stand the other day with my camera, I noticed something red fly past me.  It was a Red Bellied Woodpecker.dsc_0098a

It is somewhat strange to me whey they are called Red Bellied when it is their heads that are so bright red.  Most people get the Red Bellied Woodpecker mixed up with the Red Headed Woodpecker which is a more rare bird. The mystery behind the name?  Whoever named this little woodpecker must have had a sense of humor because it’s blushing red belly is the last thing you will notice.


After setting there for a while I noticed there were more than one of these birds.  The distinct drumming call they make made me aware that the woods were full of them.


I had such an enjoyable afternoon shooting these beautiful birds. Visit All About Birds to learn more about the habitat and feeding behavior of these beautiful birds.


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