The wait for a big deer to step out in the open is very exciting.  When you first see horns your heart starts to race.   When these horns appeared out of the tall grass, I thought I would never be able to hold the camera still.


It was so exciting as this White-tailed Deer crossed the fence and started walking through the tall grass.   As he went through the fence, I was hoping and praying he would come up the hill to left towards me.


As he crossed the fence he started to turn away from me.  My chance at getting a great shot was about to end before it ever started.


Then all at once he turned toward the left and started up the hill towards me.  I just couldn’t believe it!  This nice little eight point was headed my way.


He never knew I was there and gave me some great chances for a some great shots.


He wasn’t a big deer but it was just as exciting as if he was a monster buck.

White-tailed Buck Deer

He stopped a few times and looked straight at me but never seen me.  He just kept getting closer.


Dark in color, especially around and on his nose, he was a perfect little eight point.



His back had a few scars from going under fences or from horn from another deer. This is the time of year when the bucks are chasing does and the scars could be from fighting.   As he came up the hill towards me he kept his nose to the ground.


Every now and then he would throw his head high and stand very still as if listening for anything that might be moving in the woods.


Stopping to eat a few acorns,  he proceeded on to my left walking very quite through the woods.


This year there are plenty of acorns for deer to eat and they love them.

What a great opportunity to capture some great images.  I feel so blessed!

To read more about White-tailed Deer in Arkansas visit the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission website at this link.

 Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.





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