The Supermoon was a great photo opportunity for many photographers.  I could hardly wait until the end of the day  in hopes of capturing the largest, brightest and closest moon to the earth’s surface since 1948.



As I awaited the moon’s arrival, clouds began developing in the Eastern sky.  I just couldn’t believe it!  Here in Arkansas the clouds covered the moon as it began its climb upward.  I was so disappointed not be able to capture it riseing  into the sky.  After waiting about 30 minutes until it had fully risen,  it started to appear and it was magnificent.


I was able to take many photos. I want to share with you four of those that were my best. The big yellow moon is one of my favorites because you can easlily see the dark crators on the moon’s surface.




This photo was taken with the moon behind tree limbs with a few leaves on its branches.  It gives the moon a lacy look.


In this photo you can see how bright and beautiful it was.  In my opinion a photo do not do the Supermoon justice.

 In my lifetime this was the most beautiful moon I have ever seen. My grandmother Ogilvie loved the moon.  She was facinated with it and whenever there was a full moon she always called everyone and told them to look at the moon!!  I believe  last night I would have received a call from her and she would have been so excited!




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