My sweetie and I decided to go and set in a box deer stand one evening last week in hopes to seeing a big deer walk out.  Being deer season we had to take a gun and a camera of course. We had been in the stand about fifteen minutes and was trying to set up my camera when all of sudden there he was!


This great ten point white-tailed buck just stepped out of the woods into the field in front of us. He grabbed his gun and I grabbed my camera.  I was over his head trying to get pictures.   When he realized that the deer was going to jump the fence he shot and MISSED!


The spooked ten point ran across the field instead of just jumping the fence into the woods.  I was taking pictures as fast as my camera would snap. My ear drums were busted from the load sound of the gun when he shot.  I almost dropped my camera!



It was really hard to keep the camera on him as he ran like lightening across the field into the other scope of woods.


You never know what is going to happen when you go out to take a few pictures.




Even after the gun shot we still seen a few does.  This pretty little doe came out and walked around us.



She had to stomp the ground a few times to alert the other deer in the area.  She knew we were there and maybe she could even smell us.


This little doe was trying really hard to smell us by throwing it’s head high up into the air and smelling.


She knew we were there but it didn’t seem to bother her too much.


Not every time you go do you get to see a good deer like this one.  I hope to see him again someday but until then……









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