The last few weeks I have been seeing the group of turkeys below in the afternoon and I never seemed to be able to get close enough to get any great shots.

DSC_0755.jpga.jpg But on Thanksgiving day my luck changed. I was trying to sneak up on some ducks here on the farm at a pond.  From the road I could see there were a few male and female Mallards on the pond.  Male Mallards make beautiful pictures but ducks are very hard to photograph  about as hard as turkeys, so I crawled up and over the bank of the pond.    DSC_0809-Edit.jpg

This beauty was swimming pretty close so I got a few snap shots and just happened to look up and there standing a few yards away was that same group of turkeys that I had been watching the last few weeks.


There were two jakes and five hens.  It took them a while to spot me and when they did they didn’t stick around long.


They were just an amazing sight to see in the tall brown sage grass. I sure was thrilled to be able to capture such great photos.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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