Mirror Lake Trail is located at the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas near the town of Mountain View.  This trail features waterfalls, wildlife, and  the most beautiful scenery you will find anywhere in the state.  My cousin Christy and I decided to hike this trail a few weeks ago and we were not disappointed.


Parking is located near the cavern end of the trail.  Beautiful scenery, fall colors and wildlife were everywhere.

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As we were walking down the trail toward Mirror Lake a big White-Tailed buck deer and doe almost ran right over us. He was chasing the doe and wasn’t paying attention to anything around him.   They were running down the hiking trail straight for us and decided at the last minute to cross the river and go up the other side of the mountain.  The photo below is the only photo I was able to capture and not get ran over!

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The trail is 1.9 miles along the side of a  beautiful river that flows from the caverns that leads to Mirror Lake.  These waters flow out of Blanchard Springs Caverns year round at 58 degrees.

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The Bald Eagle above was one of the highlights of this great day.  Eagles are one of my favorite subjects to photograph and this one just seemed to hang around and let me take all the pictures I wanted.  We followed the Eagle down the river taking it’s picture as if he was tempting us and playing with us.  He would fly a little ways and then land and fly again.

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These birds are so big and majestic.  Every time I get the opportunity to photograph one I always feel so blessed. untitled (1 of 1)-10.jpg


Down the river about a half mile is Mirror Lake.  We hiked below the dam and took some awesome photos.

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The Civilian Conservation Corp built the stone dam that creates Mirror Lake in the 1930’s.


You will find the remains of an old stone mill below the dam.


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The area is remarkable and we really enjoyed this hike.  I will have to write this one down as one of my very favorites.  To read more about Mirror Lake and the Blanchard Springs area visit Arkansas.com.


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