I decided to go to one of the ponds on Christmas Eve and take a few photos of the ducks.  When I got there I scanned the pond just to see what all types of ducks were there.  I was so excited when I seen a Northern Pintail on the pond!


The Pintail is a beautiful duck and a rare sight on the ponds in the area.






The drake Pintail is a duck about the same size as the Mallard  and slightly larger than the Gadwall. The drake is more striking than the female with green and peach colors on it’s wings.  A long pointed tail from which it gets it’s name, a chocolate head, and a long white stripe that  extends up the back of it’s neck from it’s white breast.

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He was well aware that I was there because he wasn’t real fond of coming to my side of the pond.  Most of the day he stayed on the far shallow side eating from the bottom.  The Pintail is another  member of the dabbling duck family.


Female Pintail’s are a drab brown with a gray head and much smaller than the drake.



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The Northern Pintail has aquired a nickname ,  “The Greyhound of the Air”.

Two great sites to read more about the Northern Pintail  are  wikipedia and Ducks Unlimited.



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