The little pond that is at the back of my house draws many visitors.  Just wanted to share with you all that I get to see and enjoy.


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These two showed up on a very cold day. Two Male Ring-necked ducks.

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A group of Jakes came to the pond for drink.

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Goosey thinks it is a turkey.  It has to check these guys out.

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A couple of Male Bluebirds show up to drink from the top of the old milk can.

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Blue Heron walking around the pond’s edge trying to catch a frog or maybe a fish.untitled (1 of 1)-3.jpg

A turtle sunning on a cold January day.

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A few Blue Jays show up to eat a little corn that I put out for them.

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Even the Red=bellied Wood Pecker wanted a little corn.

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A pretty female Cardinal.

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A Gadwall flying over trying to land on the pond.

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A young White-tailed deer stops to check everything out.

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Dinky eating from the little Radio Flyer.

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A little bush hogging going on.

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A beautiful Robin sets and enjoys a little sunshine.

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A Red-breasted Wood Pecker lands on a fence post.

untitled (1 of 1)-34.jpg

One of the new Hereford calves wondering what I am and why he is getting his picture taken.

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A beautiful Male Cardinal sets in a tree with it’s feathers all fluffed up to stay warm.

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A little Red Fox Squirrel peeps around the tree at me.

Bye Bye!


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