A must visit for a history buff who loves the old west.  I really enjoyed my visit to this historic court house and jail  called “Hell on the Boarder.”  The stories behind this historic place are amazing. Legends of America is a great site to visit to learn about Judge Isaac Parker called the “Hanging Judge” of 1896 from Fort Smith Arkansas.  Also Road Side America gives you photos of inside and has a lot of information.

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Federal Court Room of the Western District of Arkansas

The Fort Smith Historic Site embraces the remains of two frontier forts, plus the Federal courtroom of the Western District of Arkansas. Hanging Judge Isaac C. Parker’s court and jail have been restored as reminders of 80 turbulent years in the history of the government’s Indian policies (1817-1896). The museum exhibits illustrate the court’s impact on the Indian Territory (Oklahoma), U.S. Marshals, outlaws and regional history. Hanging Judge Parker’s infamous gallows have been recreated on the site of the original structure.Arkansas.com

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The Gallows
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Hell On The Boarder under Courtroom
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Judge Parker’s Court Room


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Desk and Chair of Judge Parker
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Judge Isaac C Parker
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The Buck Gang and The Cook Gang

If you are in the area around Fort Smith stop and tour this historic place.  It is time worth spent.


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